Rick Albertson is a retired freelance documentary photographer. During the latter half of his career Rick photographed assignments in Asia, Africa, Central and North America for large non-profit organizations. Since retiring he has pursued creative personal projects including recent street photography in Baja Sur, Mexico, during a solo motorcycle trip the length of the peninsula. His new coffee table book, Documentary Portraits: Retrospective, has recently been released, along with Alone, a 58-page zine portfolio of images expressing his feelings of being alone since the passing of his wife, Nancy.* Rick also enjoys writing, speaking, teaching, and playing bluegrass music.

Rick lives in a modern home he designed with a magnificent view overlooking the Swarthout Valley, in which the community of Wrightwood lies hidden within the Angeles National Forest of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Photography is a process in which the camera exposes the workings of my unconscious mind .

Photography is a process in which the camera exposes the workings of my unconscious mind.

* Nancy had a lifelong love of learning. She was a devoted teacher to generations of students from every background, young and old, in public schools and churches, in English and Spanish. As a tribute to Nancy and her commitment to the power of education, she established the Chanel Eichel Education Fund. Chanel was Nancy’s daily caregiver during the last two years of her life. They became close friends and spent countless hours together laughing, shopping, baking, and hiking. Chanel is finishing her Associates Degree and plans to pursue a career in nursing. We welcome your contributions to support Chanel’s educational expenses as she fulfills a dream Nancy helped to inspire. Funds will be used exclusively to reimburse tuition costs. A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made donations in Nancy’s name. All backers will receive a copy of Rick’s zine, Alone. Chanel Eichel Education Fund