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Please let me know if you’d like to place an order for my book, Documentary Portraits: Retrospective, available by May 6th.

I awoke one day six months ago feeling a great impetus to create and publish a book of portraits, a retrospective of my 15-year career as a documentary photographer on assignments in Asia, Africa, Central and North America for non-profit organizations. The result is a 10” square, limited edition, coffee table book that features 50+ black & white photographs. Each portrait is accompanied by the story behind the image.

The 110-page linen hardcover book is produced from the very finest of materials with beautiful printing on super-smooth coated (100# cover) paper, lined with endpapers, and covered by an attractive laminated dust jacket. Each book is Smythe sewn-bound for easy opening and created to last.

The photos and stories in the book have challenged me to crawl outside of my compact, insular cave of comfort and peace and step into a much larger world of difficulty, suffering, angst, and thankfully some joy. If the book conveys one message, it is that the care and concern of others for those less fortunate is the headwaters of hope. This book may challenge you as well.

To order please contact: 323 896 1951

Sample Spread

Sample Spread


I loved your retrospective! I was in in tears by the end of the forward. I've reread the book multiple times. It works on many levels, first, as a revealing portrait of human nature that calls out global truths about our individual capacities to inflict harm, endure suffering, experience joy, and spread happiness. We are all so different, and yet so much the same. At the other end of the spectrum it works on an intensely personal scale, a deep reflection of who I suspect you are as a person and how you experience the world around you. It is an important gift for your family, your friends, your community, and those photographers, explorers, and citizens of the world that will follow in your footsteps—and those who may not have the opportunity, but would benefit from doing so. Brent Daniel, Physicist, Photographer

As a designer, it’s a delight to my eye to view an extraordinary photograph, one in which a profound story is expressed in a frozen moment, created with the perfect subject, light and composition. Rick is a master. Many of the photographs in this remarkable retrospective are like old friends to me. They graced the covers and feature pages of OMF’s magazine for a decade or more. Only God can know how many prayers, workers and resources were mobilized on behalf of the world’s peoples because of Rick’s photography. Patrice Nelson, Designer/Managing Editor (1989-2008) OMF International - US/CA

Rick has always amazed me with his creative eye to frame images in fascinating ways, along with his natural, unassuming creativity and his multiple skills to capture them for the rest of us. He finds something both pleasing and interesting in life that too many of us pass by. When I see what Rick presents, it always causes me to pause and think or feel more deeply. Jerry Jones, J David Agency