Jaded Glory

Just before moving to Colorado Springs years ago, I asked a client if he had a view of Pikes Peak and the mountains from his home. He had lived here for several years and told me that he didn’t, and that after the first few years he had no longer paid much attention to the scenery. I told him I couldn’t understand how this could possibly be.

Recently while visiting a few locations around town, I’ve remembered how excited I felt early in our new life in the Springs: walking out of a home improvement store to the surprise of an incredibly beautiful sunset over the front range to the west of our home, on what was to be a delightful June evening, foretold by the cooling of the air; driving in total awe through various mountain ranges; hiking through the Garden of the Gods, fascinated by an area named so well; and more.

I realized that I, too, have become jaded to the glory of God’s creation all around me; even worse to God Himself, to some extent.

This morning, however, driving up Ute Pass to Green Mountain Falls, I was once again overtaken by the wonder and beauty of this area, praising God for the splendor of the deep green forests clinging to and climbing their way up the steep, rugged slopes of Pikes Peak, its fracture lines dusted with spring snow, standing as a sentinel against a brilliant blue sky.

What is it that causes one to become jaded to glory, whether creation or the Creator? Perhaps, I have been all consumed by our consumer society. I know I have become too busy, working way too many hours, driven by an anxiety to provide for our “needs.” I struggle to take control. I struggle to give up control. I have become jaded, but, today, have vowed to be so no longer.